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This is a bit out of character for this blog (completely in character for my other blogs), so I apologize if it sounds less than scholarly.
This past fall, while taking Rock/Soul/Progressive, one of the books we were required to read was Flowers in the Dustbin by James Miller. Everyone in the class agreed that Miller was an old coot who, despite his angst over the “death” of rock, provided an excellent baseline upon which to build a better understanding of rock. However, he was still an old coot who rankled me with his dismissal of everything that came after the death of Elvis and most of what came after the break-up of the Beatles. When I finished the course, I was positive that would the last time I would encounter Mr. Miller. Oh, I was so wrong.
In light of my decision to become the best DJ ever (and that’s a hard goal to reach given the history that precedes me), I’ve been reading about the history of radio on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, while reading Marc Fisher’s book on American radio from the late 1940’s til the present, I was intrigued by a statistic on radio listener-ship in cars. So, in a real first for me, I looked read the notes section. A few end-notes up there was a note for “Miller, Flowers, 55.” After scanning the end-notes, I realized that yes, Fisher really did use Flowers in the Dustbin as a source. Which was when I came to the conclusion that Miller is haunting me. That’s it.

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