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Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much happening in this part of my life really. However the fall is going to see lots of reviews which I plan on putting up here. Anyway, apologies for the lateness of posting this particular entry. Busy week and all that.

I wasn’t really that excited about seeing We Are Scientists again. Their second album leaves much to be desired and with the departure of Tapper, my respect for the band had taken a serious hit. But Sophie had purchased the tickets before either of us really understood how disappointing Brain Thrust Mastery is, so there was nothing to be done. Suck it up and enjoy the concert as much as possible. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as all that.

“So the merch guy left the band as well?” – Sophie (in a hypothetical question to Keith Murray)

At the last concert Sophie and I went to at the Black Cat, various members of the bands had somehow been put in charged of selling their own merchandise. The person who been selling for the White Rabbits had seemed somewhat disgruntled about the whole thing, which is why I ended up with a shirt a size too small, but it had been cool nonetheless. However, I thought that the whole thing had been because of the relative fame of the bands involved. So you can imagine my surprise when I see Keith Murray fronting the merch table.
Needless to say I flapped around a lot, was completely indecisive about which shirt I wanted and forgot what size shirt I wanted when it was my turn. Gorgeousness does that to me.

Nore: “Could you sign this?”
Keith: [swats card]
Nore: [makes small pouty face]
Keith: [signs card]

The first opening act was thoroughly unimpressive (I decided, after maybe three songs that “they [were] trying too hard”). In the lull between them (Apache Beat) and the second opening act (Oxford Collapse) I posited various actions I should take given that Keith was still manning the merch stand. None of them actually made sense and some involved taunting him about Tapper’s departure from the band. This line of conversation was ended when I needed to use the loo (three diet cokes at dinner and two glasses of water, plus another diet coke at the club). Which was when I saw Chris Caine, bassist for the band, nonchalantly standing and talking to someone. When I came back from the loo I posited that I should get the two’s signatures, since they were so readily available to the audience. Sophie concurred and we agreed that I would get Keith’s signature and Sophie would get Chris’. After much hemming and hawing and general nervousness about the whole business I finally got the signature (hence the above little bit of dialogue).
Photobucket (A very big version of the actual signature)

Sophie then tried to renig on her deal, but I wimped out from getting Chris’ signature so Sophie agreed to get it for me. She missed the first two songs of Oxford Collapses’ set, but she got the signature.
Photobucket (Also a very big version of the actual signature)

The actual show was lack luster, but much of that opinion is due to the fact that I didn’t care for the first opener, was coming down from an adrenaline rush during the second, and was completely un-enthused for the head liners. I’m sure actual fans of the band really had a fantastic time.

We Are Scientists

  1. Nobody Move
  2. Chick Lit
  3. This Scene is Dead
  4. Inaction
  5. Impatience
  6. Let’s See It
  7. Cash Cow
  8. Can’t Lose
  9. Callbacks
  10. That’s What Counts
  11. After Hours
  12. Textbook
  13. Tonight
  14. Dinosaurs
  15. It’s a hit


  • Lethal Enforcer
  • Great Escape

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