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A few months ago I wrote an entry about a line from the Proclaimers’ song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” were I explained what a certain couplet meant because I didn’t know what it meant and found the definition interesting. Well, I’m going to do the exact same thing with another song, this time by Supergrass, for exactly the same reasons. However my reason for figuring out the lyrics is slightly different, but still related to boredom so I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details. Let’s just say I was bored and wanted the issue cleared.
The line in mind is from the song “Alright” which is from Supergrass’ first album I Should Coco which was released in 1995. The line is as follows:

We are young, we run green

Now I had deciphered the last bit as something else, but I was intrigued by what “run green” meant. So I googled the phrase and came up with this:

Run Green: the act of selling pot.

Unlike with havering this definition was more logical, but still interesting given the context within the song and actions taken in later verses (driving a car into a fence and still be alright for instance.) So there you have it, your little slang lesson for today.
Hopefully I’ll be posting more in this blog in the coming weeks due to an onslaught of interesting releases. In fact Jenny Lewis comes out with her first/second solo effort this upcoming Tuesday and then three weeks later Keane comes out with their third album. Ben Folds enters the picture as well and of course there’s the highly anticipated third album from Kaiser Chiefs, which will doubtless get it’s own song by song review. Until then, keep listening.
Oh! Radio starts next week! Monday’s 7-8 at Be sure to listen ;D And kudos to anyone who gets the movie I’m referencing in the entry title.

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