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Today, because I have a lot free time due to a snow day (still had classes this morning, but I won’t go into that) I’m going to write-up a review of Franz Ferdinand’s new album and re-review Keane and the Kaiser Chiefs third albums. However the format is going to be a little different, mainly because I’ve already written up a sort of review for Franz Ferdinand and don’t feel the need to connect these reviews like I did with Keane and the Kaiser Chiefs. Anywho, it’s a big review post and I’m very excited. Finally, I may or may not be reviewing the Killer’s third album as well, we’ll see where I’m at, at the end of these three reviews.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
Five years ago I got heavily into five bands: Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, Keane, the Kaiser Chiefs, and Maximo Park. In those five years I’ve become less attached to Maximo Park and the Killers (due to second albums that I didn’t like so much) and more attached to Keane, the Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand. What got me to listen to each of these bands, and what generally kept me listening, was musical originality. With Tonight: Franz Ferdinand the seemingly endless fount of creativity that Franz Ferdinand exhibited has started to wan. While Tonight is musically (and acoustically) intriguing (and quite slick production-wise) most of the songs are a rehash from the band’s previous two albums. By focusing on the night and all that implies, Franz Ferdinand also loses a great deal of the lyrical complexity that they had on their second album, which is a shame given the potential that album had. The first 2/3rds of Tonight are interesting enough to keep a listener’s attention, though some of the songs sound incredibly similar, particularly “Twilight Omens” and “Can’t Stop Feeling”, enough so that one might actually get confused. However after a revamped version of “Lucid Dreams” (7 minutes of the band showing off their ability to use technology to make interesting noises) the album takes a nose dive into the unlistenable. “Katherine Kiss Me” is a strange rehash of “No You Girls”, using a majority of the same lyrics, but with an acoustic guitar and slightly altered melody line, while “Dream Again” is a anemic after thought to “Lucid Dreams”. While the recording technique may have been original and the majority of the songs are a shitload of fun, Franz Ferdinand it would seem are starting to lose their edge. Grade: B (keeping in mind that compared to most of the stuff that is released nowadays [don’t I sound old] is crap compared to this album) Recommended Songs: “Ulysses,” “No You Girls,” “Twilight Omens,” and “Bite Hard”

Off With Their Heads by Kaiser Chiefs
In one review of the Kaiser Chiefs’ second album, a reviewer over at Fake DIY pointed out that the Kaiser Chiefs are a band that makes music that sometimes needs to be “lived in” (my words from around the same time) before it can be truly appreciated. While writing a first review several months after an album is released makes no sense, re-reviewing Off With Their Heads seems worthwhile because this is definitely an album that needs to be lived in before you can really get it.
Off With Their Heads is, after listening to it at least fifty times, still a disappointment. It’s an example of what happens when a band that should have taken a break decides to record an album instead. While a great many of the songs are seriously lacking in enthusiasm, after about fifty listenings, each song has a bar/measure/chorus that makes it worthwhile to listen to. But a single bar/measure/verse/chorus does not a good song make and the majority of the album suffers because of that fact. Yours Truly, Angry Mob was often accused of being bland and many considered it another example of the sophomore slump, but really Off With Their Heads is the album that suffers the most from blandness. Revamped Grade: C+ Recommend Songs: “Like It Too Much,” “You Want History,” “Good Days, Bad Days,” “Always Happens Like That,” “Addicted to Drugs”

Perfect Symmetry by Keane
In thinking about it, my original review of this album still accurately reflects my opinion of Perfect Symmetry. But instead of giving the album a B+, I would give it an A-, because compared to the two albums I just reviewed, Perfect Symmetry perfectly combines musical development with lyrical development while still being in sync with the band’s overall image. Recommended Songs: “The Lovers Are Losing,” “Better Than This,” “Perfect Symmetry,” “Playing Along,” “Pretend That You’re Alone,” “Love is the End”

The next big review will be Lily Allen’s second album which is released Feb. 10th, so be expecting something around then.

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